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Bridlewood Estates Property Owners Association


Association Amenities
Association Amenities The community has two beautiful parks. One is located in Section 1 on Bridlewood Drive just past the entrance to the community. The other is located in Section 3 at the corner of Sagamore/Nautical. Both parks boast brand new park equipment as of 2011. Take your kids out and enjoy!

The community also has two large lakes for residents’ enjoyments and many bridle paths for hiking and biking.


POA Responsibilities
POA Responsibilities

A POA provides people with shared neighborhood values, an opportunity to enforce regulations, consistent with overarching statutory constraints, to achieve a community representative of such values. In doing so, a POA inherently restricts the rights that would otherwise exist for its members based on municipal codes. For instance, a degree of conformity is often required in the exterior appearance of single-family homes and there are often time limits and/or restrictions to activities generating noise.

These bylaws can be limited in various degrees by state laws, with some overriding federal judicial or statutory limits. Board members and officers are chosen by election from its property owners, but residents are needed to offer help and support for the maintenance of our subdivision.

Homeowners Associations generally have meetings for the entire board and membership. These meetings are generally monthly or sometimes quarterly, and focus on handling the Property Owners Association’s business.

Overall, it is the responsibility of our POA board to enforce our Deed Restrictions and consistently maintain the appearance and property value of our homes. It is a thankless job, but, luckily some choose to donate their time and efforts to work for us. They always welcome volunteers! Remember, every time a deed restriction is mailed, it cost each of us money!

Assessments The 2024 assessment has been set at $718.00. The trash calculation has been set at $253.92 and the Fire Services Agreement fee has been set at $274.00.  

Ø  If your assessment amount is $718.00 then you live in section 4 and receive trash and fire services from the City of Rosenberg .

Ø If your assessment amount is $992.00 then you own a lot without a house upon it in non-Rosenberg and have been billed for FSA ($274.00).  

Ø  If your assessment amount is $1245.92 then you own a lot with a house upon it in non-Rosenberg, you receive trash services from GFL($253.92) and have been billed for FSA ($274.00).  

Ø  If your assessment amount is $1773.84 then you own a lot with two independent houses upon it, trash services
from GFL at $507.84 and you have been billed and additional $548.00 for the Fire Services Agreement.

The 2024 general assessment represents a 5% increase over the prior year’s assessments. You may pay your assessments online with a credit card or eCheck at Additionally, a copy of the 2024 budget has been provided via mail for your review.  

Assessment Due Date: Assessments are billed annually and are due on January 1st and become delinquent on January 31st.    

Payment Options: The Association has approved two options for paying your annual assessments. You may pay the assessment in full by the January 1st due date or you may make installment payment with the coupons enclosed. The coupons do not include past due balances on your account, if any. Please mail your payment for receipt by the due dates shown on the coupons. You may take advantage of the multi-payment option or schedule a one-time payment. You may pay online with a credit card or schedule an eCheck payment by specifying the date and amounts. You may change the online payment processing date as you have full control of the transaction date. Visit us at and make an online payment with the new enhanced payment system options.

Collections Policy: Finance charges are applied on the last day of each month. On February 1st, or when your account is 30 days past due, a $40.00 late fee is applied to all unpaid accounts. If your account remains delinquent, a late fee of $60.00 will be applied on March 1st or when your account is 60 days past due. In June, or when your account is 150 days past due, an attorney will file a Notice of Lien Affidavit, and a fee will be placed on the delinquent accounts. The board will consider sending accounts to the Association’s attorney to begin legal collections efforts. All costs incurred and legal fees will be charged back to the account.   

Payment Plans: If you are unable to pay the full balance by the due date, please contact our office to set up a payment plan if your account will become delinquent. Interest will continue to accrue but the collection steps noted above will be suspended once the payment plan is accepted and payments are made in accordance with your approved payment plan. The Association’s Payment Plan Policy is posted at   

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact our office at 713-981-9000 or e-mail Our offices are open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For your convenience, extended customer service hours are offered on these days by phone or email between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

How to Request a Refund of Your New Home Builder Deposit
How to Request a Refund of Your New Home Builder Deposit If you recently completed the construction of your new home in the community and would like to request the refund of your deposit, please submit your request and we will seek approval from the ACC. If approved, a check will be processed. Please note, your home must be 100% complete including landscaping or your deposit will not be returned. No exceptions.  PLEASE NOTE:  New home plans (full size) are not returned to the owner after construction is completed.  It becomes the property of the Association.

Architectural Control Requirements
Architectural Control Requirements

Anything exterior that you change on your property needs approval from the ACC. This means new homes, pools, pool covers, driveway additions, play equipment, gates, fences, additions to existing homes, barns, extra garages, outbuildings, etc.



Would you like to join the NextDoor Group?
Would you like to join the NextDoor Group? If you live in Bridlewood Estates and would like to join the NextDoor community group please visit this link and the administrator will grant you access after it is verified you live in the community.

Mowing Requirements
Mowing Requirements The Board of Directors for Bridlewood Estates has specific criteria for how all lots should be kept at all times; 

  1. Grass must be no more than 6 inches.
  2. The entire property must be mowed, including ditches and road frontage.
  3. If the property has trees, you must trim around them so no tall grass or foliage remains. You must also trim around any utility boxes.
  4. If the property has a sign on it, you must remove the sign before you mow, and replace it after you finish.

If all of the above requirements are not followed, the Board of Directors will force mow the property to complete the mowing. The property owner will be sent a bill for the force mow and will be told that their property was not mowed according to our requirements. We reserve the right to refuse approval of lawn services that do not follow our requirements.

Services and Utilities

Trash Collection
Trash Collection Each home in the community is billed for trash service through their yearly assessment EXCEPT those that live in section 4 on Little Haven Ct, Heritage Haven Ct, Cartwright Ct, Grande Gables Drive and lots 28-31 of Rustling Oaks Drive.

The City of Rosenberg picks up trash for the exceptions listed above.

All other homes are picked up by WCA and their trash days are Monday and Thursday with Thursday being heavy trash day.

WCA: 281-368-8397

EXTRA TRASH CAN’S CAN BE OBTAINED: If you would like to purchase an extra trashcan for your use, please contact WCA directly. The one-time cost for an extra 96-gallon trash can is $65.00 and the cost for a 65 gallon recycle container is $50.00. 

Water & Sewer Services
Water & Sewer Services Water and sewer services are provided by Quadvest, Inc.

713-787-1851 (after hrs.)


Who can I call to get Mosquito Spraying?
Who can I call to get Mosquito Spraying? Fort Bend Road & Bridge handles the mosquito fogging for the community. You can call them at 281-342-4513. Click here to see where in the County they are spraying.

Electricity Providers
Electricity Providers Since electricity deregulation has occurred in Texas, consumers may choose from a number of companies for electricity.

To learn about the electric competition in Texas and shop for electricity providers, visit the official Electric Choice Website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas.


Overall Calendar

Community Map


Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department

If you have an emergency, please call 911.

For non-emergency calls, please contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department at 281-341-4703.


Area Schools

Area Schools

Lamar Consolidated ISD is the school district.

Williams Elementary School
5111 FM 762
Richmond, TX 77469

Navarro Middle School
4700 Avenue N
Rosenberg, TX 77471

Reading Junior High School
8101 FM 762
Richmond, TX 77469

George Ranch High School
8181 FM 762
Richmond, TX 77469

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