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Managing community associations since 1984 has given us tremendous insight and expertise into the nuances of this business. While no two boards are exactly alike, the boards we work with do have a common interest:

“We want everyone to take time to enjoy the pleasures that the good life offers, but we also do not want to lose sight of the values that make life worth living in the first place.”

Our approach to management is holistic. We don’t look at a community and see pieces and parts. We see one, living, breathing, loving, active, flexible, evolving, learning, growing, happy entity.

This is the same approach we take when pricing our services.

It’s smart for board members to be worried about money and to be concerned about how management fees are generated. Practically every other management company out there uses low monthly fees to entice associations into doing business with them. They know the low fee is attractive and think you won’t care as much about all the add on fees. But, they are usually always wrong. Strong board leaders care very much about value and how their money is spent. We’d rather you know up front exactly what you can expect to spend each and every month without having to work extra hours reviewing and questioning management expense accounts.

No management company does more to protect your position, your community and help you succeed as a board member. Call us to schedule an interview (Houston 713-981-9000, San Antonio 210-490-0000 or toll free 866-219-0563). Or request a proposal and we’ll contact you.


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Cost Comparison Worksheet
We’ve put together a cost comparison worksheet (download pdf) which is useful when comparing various management proposals. Once you have all proposals on an apples-to-apples basis, it’s easier to compare management companies.

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