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October 2023
August 2023
Congratulations to Lee Saxton-Mendoza, Community Manager at our Bandera Office, who recently earned the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) designation by the Community Associastion Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB).

CAMICB administers the CMCA examination, a rigorous test that measures knowledge of best practices in the community management industry.  The CMCA is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and complies with the NCCA’s stringent international standards for a professional certification program.

CAMICB is an independent board that sets the standards for community association managers worldwide. It is the first and only organization created solely to certify community association managers and enhance the professional practice of community association management.

The certification stands as a testament to Lee’s pursuit of excellence and an unyielding commitment to elevate the standard of services provided to our clients. We are proud to expand the list of CMCAs working diligently for our company and clients! Congratulations!

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July 2023
We are delighted to announce that Renea Miksch has assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of C.I.A. Services!
As one of our company’s first employees, Renea has demonstrated dedication and talent, progressing through various roles and honing her skills along the way. A natural leader, Renea has consistently inspired those around her, making us confident that we are in excellent hands as we embark on our second 40 years!
Ralph Troiano will be working alongside Renea, assuming the strategic role of Chairman of our Board of Directors. In addition to this role, he will be focusing on our outstanding suite of proprietary management software as our Chief Software Architect, allowing him to make even greater contributions to the success of our clients and C.I.A. Services.
Please help us congratulate both Renea and Ralph for their remarkable past achievements and the promising future contributions they will bring to our company and clients.
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June 2023

June 13th is a special day for our industry!  International Community Association Managers Day is a day dedicated to celebrating all of the managers in our industry.   

We are excited to celebrate and recognize the community managers within our company.  We recently reached out to several of the board members, colleagues, and vendor partners our managers work with every day and asked them to share some thoughts about that manager.  We were overwhelmed with the results and would like to share them here.

Learn more about International Community Association Managers Day here.  #IntlCAMDay

Jessica Soto & Sabrina Padgett


Jessica Soto is not our manager but she has gone out of her way to be of help and assistance to our onsite team and residents and also to help out at our events. Thank you for always being willing to step up and give us a hand!  Lucy Robertson, Artavia

Our manager, Jessica Soto, does a great job of following up and keeping the board informed.  Byron Schirmbeck, Eastpoint

I would like to acknowledge my community manager Sabrina Padgett. I love Sabrina! She is VERY pleasant to work with no matter what the issue. She genuinely cares about our community and consistently goes above and beyond to assist with making our community a beautiful and safe place to live.  Deneen Sowell, Traces II

Stacey Hitchcock & Cris Turley


While our two newest managers have not had the opportunity to work with many outside of our organization, they have made a great impression on all of us.   

Stacey Hitchcok is under the mentorship of Kristen Craig and Jennifer Northington, who are working together on several projects.  She has proven to be a huge asset and we are very excited to see what the future brings.

Cris Turley is nearing the end of training and will soon move into a mentorship with a seasoned manager.  So far we are impressed! He is knowledgeable and friendly and is fitting right in.  We are looking forward to seeing Cris in action.   

Lee Sexton-Mendoza & Candace Look


Our Harper Oaks community manager, Lee Sexton-Mendoza, demonstrates his commitment to our community and its needs by his responsiveness. Lee responds to Board inquiries in a timely manner and provides details and timelines, as well as updates along the way. His level of commitment to our small community is, indeed, appreciated.   Mary Forman, Harper Oaks

Candace Look has been great to work with, she is helpful and responsive, and she runs our meetings quickly and efficiently, which we always appreciate.  Burkley Fitzsimons, Agora Palms

Candace Look is very kind. It is evident she cares about the work she is doing. We greatly appreciate her!  Brooke Lund, Cinco Ranch II Commercial

Renea Miksch & Ralph Troiano


Renea Miksch has been an outstanding manager for Fairway Pointe in League City. Renea always responds to our needs in a timely manner, even after 5 pm or on weekends. We recently had issues with our neighborhood’s entry gate operator system and instead of getting exasperated with many calls and requests, she stayed on top of it until the gate remotes were working satisfactorily.  THANK YOU Renea Miksch for always being ready to help!  Barbara Meeks, Fairway Pointe

We are very grateful for all of Ralph Troiano’s tireless efforts to make Eilan run seamlessly!  Adam Belfer, Eilan  

Tra’Neshia Williams & Robin Hurt


Tra’Neshia Williams is a loyal member of our management team. She’s always willing to help train new employees when needed and is very good at giving clear and concise instructions to staff members with regard to tasks that need accomplishing.  She also strives to serve our communities to the highest standards at all times.  Kim Moore, Executive Vice President

I have had the pleasure of working with Robin Hurt, the On-Site Community Manager at Artavia, during several community events.  What impresses me most about Robin is that she remembers every resident’s name and is always so friendly and outgoing.  At the events, she makes a point to say hello and welcome everyone. When she’s not smiling and chatting with everyone, she is behind the scenes helping wherever needed to make the event a success. The residents of Artavia are lucky to have Robin onsite!  Damond Stewart, MixDoctors

Robin is the perfect fit for ARTAVIA! She embodies our Flamingle event! She is colorful, fun, and likes to party!  I’m so happy to have Robin on the ARTAVIA team. She embodies the values that we strive to create within the community. With each resident, she is kind, cheerful, and very professional. I know she will continue to shine as the families of ARTAVIA grow and thrive. Thank you Robin, for all that you do! Tammy Davis, AIRIA Development Company

Valerie Flinn & Jennifer Northington


Valerie Flinn is always responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with.  Valerie is like a field of wildflowers. Each one wonderful by itself but together, they are unforgettable. Carolyn Wolfer, Oak Trail

Valerie is a wonderful hard working community manager! She is always available and completes all requested tasks with lightening speed! She is very reliable and good at her job!  Artemio Bobadilla, Lakeridge

Jennifer Northington is a real gem! Her involvement in CAI’s Education Committee has been crucial in the organization’s program development. Not only does Jennifer always provide valuable input, but she also encourages others to voice their opinions during planning meetings. Volunteers like Jennifer keep CAI Greater Houston Chapter members informed and engaged — our 900+ members all benefit from her involvement in the Chapter. For that, I am truly grateful to call Jennifer a member who serves on one of our core committees.  Jesus Azanza, Community Associations Institute

Tera Rond

I would like to say that ever since Tera Rond took over as our community manager she has been awesome.  We have seen lots of positive improvements and results. She is caring and sweet and always willing to help.  Our community is honored to have her as part of our management team. We look forward to working with her for many more years.  Daniel De La Fuente, Culebra Crossing

I appreciate the way Tera Rond guides us through the regulations and will bring to the Board’s attention a new approach.  Her experience with other HOAs has proved valuable.  Ali Heller, Deer Hollow


Tera Rond is a wonderful manager for The Gates of Churchill Estates. I greatly appreciate her willingness to discuss any concerns we have as a board and her sincere support for our community. She was instrumental in helping me personally with the amendment to our covenant and tracking all the ballots from our residents. It was a year-long process that was a bit daunting, but with her help we got it done. I am grateful for the positive energy she brings to our meetings. She is easy to talk to and her personality always makes me feel at ease around her. I sincerely hope she knows how much we appreciate her.  Jackie Harris, Gates of Churchill Estates


Tera Rond is always patient with our Board.  She follows up when needed and is a pleasure to work with. Ilse St Jean, Deer Hollow


Todd Miksch

Todd Miksch is easy going and knowledgeable, which is a great combination for a community manager.  Todd knows how to be professional yet friendly and he’s always quick to pick up the phone or reply to emails which makes my life a lot easier. I truly do enjoy working with Todd and everyone else at C.I.A. Services.  Jessica McClary, Southwinds

The Board and residents at Villages of Tour 18 in Humble, consider our community manager, Todd Miksch a huge asset to our neighborhood.  Todd is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable in HOA management, but he is also passionate about customer service.  His kindness, enthusiasm, and willingness to assist our neighborhood residents and Board members is unmatched.  We are so grateful to have him and the entire C.I.A. Services team to work with.  Nancy David, Villages of Tour 18 

I would like to recognize Todd Miksch who is the community manager for the Reserve of Clear Lake.  Todd is a great resource of information for HOA issues and works very hard to support our neighborhood.  He is not a fan of neighborhood gates or splash pads but he is quickly becoming an expert!  We feel fortunate that Todd is our community manager.  Steve Jones, Reserve at Clear Lake

Deniece Reyes & Stephanie Petzold


Deniece Reyes manages our Commercial Association and was previously the general manager of our Residential Association and our Community Council. I can honestly say, we couldn’t have done it without her. She brings professionalism and a sense of humor to even the hardest owner conversation and her skill set and knowledge have been invaluable to us over the years. Just saying thank you for everything, seems inadequate but we really mean it! Thank you!  Lucy Robertson, Aliana

Stephanie Petzold has been shadowing our current manager, Kim Moore, for the past two months. A community manager, particularly at the monthly HOA board meeting, must be prepared to deal with a myriad of situations and remain calm, and confident at all times. We had the pleasure to witness Stephanie assume that role when she was Kim’s replacement in our May meeting. She had to first handle an impromptu change of location as the weather forecast changed to heavy thunderstorms, and then had to find the new location within the subdivision, even though she really didn’t know the subdivision. After conquering that obstacle, it was a pleasure watching her handle herself as she answered questions during the meeting posed to her by board members and residents alike. She seemed like a veteran and not a rookie, and we were proud of her knowing that she will soon be making some other HOA’s a capable and confident team leader.   Stable Gate HOA Board wishes Stephanie well in her future assignments.   Dave Bollinger, Stable Gate

Kim Cowart

Kim Cowart’s dedication, professionalism, and tireless efforts have truly impressed us. Her unwavering commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of our community, addressing concerns promptly, and fostering a sense of unity among residents are just a few examples of her outstanding contributions. Kim’s approachable nature and willingness to listen and engage with residents have created a welcoming and vibrant community environment.

Kim Cowart’s attention to detail, organizational skills, and ability to handle complex situations with grace are truly commendable. She consistently demonstrates professionalism and a genuine passion for serving our community. Kim’s dedication extends beyond her regular duties, as she takes the time to actively participate in community events and initiatives, fostering a strong sense of unity among residents.

I would like to express our sincere gratitude to C.I.A. Services for recognizing the importance of celebrating our community manager. This initiative allows me to express our appreciation and share our positive experiences, inspiring others and reinforcing the sense of pride we have in our community.

Once again, I want to extend our deepest gratitude to Kim Cowart for her exceptional service as our community manager. Her dedication and commitment have had a positive and lasting impact on our community, and I am truly grateful for her outstanding work.  Daniel Harris, Highlands

Kristen Craig & Brandi Brack


Kristen Craig has been a phenomenal leader of the managerial staff and Board of Directors of the Cross Creek Ranch Community Association for years.  She routinely sacrifices her time and goes above and beyond for the betterment of the community and its members. Despite carrying the burden of frequent adversity, she believes the best in each person and lives out her faith in order to bring light to all that get to know her. Kristen loves her people and her work! Todd Hamilton, Formerly of Cross Creek Ranch

Kristen exemplifies a great manager in the way she professionally conducts herself at all times despite difficult situations that come with the role. She has an in depth knowledge of the governing documents and processes that the HOA needs to adhere to. She also recognizes when consultant assistance is needed in order to rely on expertise in the business to navigate challenges.  Daniel Gillham, TriPointe Homes

Brandi Brack is our manager and she is top-shelf when it comes to keeping our little village from doing something that might put us in trouble with the Texas Property Code. She always seems to have things pretty well figured out when it comes to what or how we should do something. We are a new neighborhood in Clearwater Canyon and very small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. She is great to work with. If there is a question about what can or cannot be done I will ask her first. And for the record, Kimberly Terry helps her and our little village with a lot of the administrative issues we face. I am grateful for the help we get from Brandi and C.I.A. Services!  Dave Smith, Clearwater Canyon 

Kim Moore & Laura Tate


Kim Moore has been a tremendous asset to the RiverPark Property Owners Association for the last 8 years. When the board first hired C.I.A. Services in 2013, Amanda Jensen was our account manager. After Amanda’s untimely passing, Kim took over her responsibilities and has been an ideal manager ever since.

Kim’s dedication and foresight to resolving the issues of our association are greatly appreciated. She has no hesitation to assist in whatever needs to be done. Our community is better off because of her involvement.  Rodney Vannerson, RiverPark on the Brazos 

As general manager of the Artavia Associations and Community Council, Laura Tate is always professional and responsive and has been an invaluable asset to our team.  Building a new community from the dirt up is challenging - Laura is always ready to tackle that challenge with a smile and a "can-do" attitude.  She is a huge asset to our community and a big part of what makes our community a great place to live. Her professionalism shines through - especially during the tough conversations that are an important part of her role.

Laura continues to go above and beyond, helping to fill the gap we have in Lifestyle. Throughout a turbulent year of staffing challenges, Laura has ensured that our residents have only ever experienced a seamless transition to a new staffing format and that they remain confident in the direction of the community.  Laura is always ready to go above and beyond for her Associations and for that we are very grateful. Thanks to her for being willing to don a bright pink Flamingle shirt and make sure our residents have a fabulous Friday night on the plaza as well as ensuring that the behind-the-scenes planning runs seamlessly to make that event and others a great success. Thanks to her for also bringing those fun events in under budget! We truly appreciate all that she does for our Associations.  Lucy Robertson, Artavia

Adam Bruce

I would like to say that we have a great manager.  Adam Bruce is the best!  He truly takes care of our community,  Inwood Northwest, and he teaches us the business of being great board members.  Thank you so much, Adam. Regina Jones, Inwood Northwest

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to work with Adam Bruce. Adam has been a great Community Manager. He is well-versed in our community and listens to our needs. He understands the community and residents that reside in our neighborhood.  He ensures the board members are informed of any changes that might impact our homeowners such as contracts, legislation, work orders, legal matters, and everyday business.  It’s helpful to have someone you can trust and that knows the board members on a personal level. This ensures the business is running smoothly. It’s been a pleasure having Adam as our Community Manager.  Thanks for all you do Adam!  Lupita Rodriguez, Plantation at Woodforest

I would like to give some praise to our awesome community manager, Adam Bruce. Adam is totally dedicated to the New Forest Community. He works with our Board every step of the way! We, the Board, appreciate Adam very much for all the things that he has done for our community and shall do! Thank you, Adam! Please continue to provide the awesome service that you have provided to our community! We appreciate you! Genevieve Rosignon, The Reserve at New Forest

We almost wanted to ‘roast’ Adam Bruce, because he does have a wonderful sense of humor. However, we will refrain and focus on the difference he is making in our subdivision. We are still learning from each other…but Adam does listen to us and is learning what our priorities are. The homeowners who attend our monthly meetings appreciate Adam’s interaction with them. He is full of ideas and always willing to listen to our concerns.

Adam has already gotten the ball rolling on several things that will save the community money in the long run. We look forward to the positive and much-needed changes that will improve our neighborhood. Judy Hamilton, Willow Forest

Adam Bruce is our manager for Plantation At Woodforest and does an excellent job.  I appreciate not only his capability but his diligence and ability to work with everyone.  Jim Green, Plantation at Woodforest

Valerie Lehr

I’m Charles Jackson and I serve as a board member for Rancho Verde Community Association and have been for over 5 years. Valerie has always been great at coordinating business and always returning calls and emails promptly. She’s very professional and has made our projects successful.  Thank You for all you do. Charles Jackson, Rancho Verde

Valerie is a great organizer! She put together great presentations for our last meeting and is very good at sharing info with the board!  John Kallaher, Country Colony

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the incredible work Valerie does as our dedicated community manager. In recognition of International Community Association Managers Day and your outstanding contributions throughout the year, I want to share my deepest appreciation for your dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to the Heron Nest Owners Association. You are a true asset to our community, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have you leading the way. I look forward to continuing serving the homeowners in our community with you by our side.  Shayla White, Heron Nest

Valerie Lehr has been a good fit for Sonoma Ranch. She is attentive to the Board’s concerns.   I feel she does a very good job of handling the questions and concerns of our residents at monthly meetings.  Ray Angell, Sonoma Ranch

Valerie Lehr is an awesome community manager.  In meetings, I enjoy watching her communicate with upset homeowners, and sometimes, an upset board member.   It doesn’t matter how angry a homeowner becomes, Valerie remains calm, never raises her voice, and manages to calm the angry homeowner.  I appreciate the clarity Valerie provides, in order for the board members to make decisions that will be in the best interest of the entire community.   She ensures community bylaws, rules, and guidelines are being followed by the homeowners and board members.  Valerie is extremely transparent when it comes to the spending of the association’s money.

As a community manager and person, Valerie has so many good qualities.   However, there is one that truly warms my heart.   Whenever we have severe weather, Valerie will call to check on us.  She wants to know if we are okay and need anything.  

Every community should have the awesome experience of a Community Manager like Mrs. Valerie Lehr.   She is to be commended for being an asset to C.I.A. Services and most importantly, to the Heron Nest Community.  Mamie Sneed Lockett, Board Member Heron Nest Community