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Oct 2020 News

Board Meeting Summary - 10/16/20
In Executive Session

  • The Board of Directors convened at 2pm at the BCC POA office.
  • Those present were Tina Jameson, Steve Leigh, Jeff Ray, and Lynda Burford.
  • The Board was informed 2 hours prior to the meeting that Bobby Hebert resigned his Board position.
  • The Board considered assessment issues, compliance issues, the establishing of the Bylaws Committee, and an update from Tina Jameson on the roof repair and legal actions.

In Open Session

  • At 3pm the Zoom meeting was slated to begin but technical issues postponed the start until 3:25 pm when Steve Leigh called the meeting to order. 
  • The first order of business to accept the resignation of Steve Gibson from the last meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.
  • Next the Board voted unanimously to appoint Pat Lewis as the new member of the Board.
  • The Board then elected Jeff Ray as the new Board President.
  • Tina Jameson then read the decision of the Board to accept the Board Meeting minutes of the 08/11/2020 virtual meeting and the 08/31/2020 virtual meeting and to ratify decisions made between meetings.
  • All committee reports were given by the Committee Chairs or their respective appointed representatives.

Old Business

  • Tina Jameson provided an update on the BCC flat roof and we agreed to request bids.  CIA will also contact the attorney to get his view on the next step.
  • Lynda Burford updated the maintenance position in regards to ongoing maintenance projects over the next few months and informed us of a program to update our septic systems and install preventative maintenance for all of them.

New Business

  • The budget discussion was tabled until the Finance Committee finishes their audits; therefore, no meeting date was set until further notice.
  • The Board took questions from the virtual audience and with all concerns answered to the best ability of the all Board members.
  • Meeting adjourned

Lynda Burford, BGR POA Board Member


Click here for severe drought restrictions from Bandera County

Click here for severe drought restrictions from Bandera County


Board Meeting Summary - 07/31/20
July 31, 2020 Meeting Summary

In Executive Session: No Executive Session was held.  

In Open Session:

  • Steve Gibson called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm and welcomed all who attended via Zoom.
  • A motion was made to approve the meeting minutes of the two unannounced meetings in May and June.
  • The Board unanimously voted to ratify all decisions between meetings.
  • Tina Jameson read the names on the slate of candidates for the vacant Board position. The names submitted are as follows: Tim Dorsey, Jeff Dreier, Pat Lewis, Jeff Ray, and Andrew Alexander.
  • Jeff Ray was appointed to the Board. The vote was approved by all.
  • Steve Gibson suggested that the Board table the vote for the position on the vacant ACC. The names submitted are as follows: Jenny Gibson, John Parker, and George Russell.
  • Steve Gibson explained that the officers were elected after the owners’ meeting.

Old Business: 

  • The lawsuit filed on behalf of the POA against the contractor of the BCC regarding the roof repairs.
  • The Board answered questions from the online participants.

New Business: 

  • The next scheduled BGR POA Board of Directors meeting is Friday, August 28 at 1:00 pm via Zoom.
  • Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm

Lynda Burford Secretary, BGR POA

Board Meeting Summary - 03/30/19
In Executive Session

  • No Executive Session was held 

In Open Session

  • The meeting included returning Board members Steve Leigh, Lynda Burford, and Steve Gibson; newly elected Board members Tom Goff and Bobby Hebert; POA Treasurer Diana Denbo; and POA Secretary Ron Dickey
  • Purpose of the meeting was to discuss and begin organizing the Board for the next year.
  • Steve Leigh was nominated for and elected Board President.
  • Tom Goff was nominated for and elected Board Vice President
  • Diana Denbo agreed to remain as POA Treasurer until the next Board meeting
  • Ron Dickey agreed to remain as POA Secretary until the next Board meeting.
  • Bobby Hebert was appointed as Chairman of and liaison to the Nominating Committee. Gary Haag, Dee Dee Honea, Diana Denbo, and Ron Dickey were appointed members of the Nominating Committee until the 2020 Owners’ Meeting. Priority of the Nominating Committee is to find someone to serve as POA Treasurer.
  • Other committee liaison assignments will be made at the next scheduled Board meeting.

Old Business 

  • None 

New Business 

  • The next scheduled BGR POA Board of Directors meeting is Friday, May 10 at 2:00pm and tentatively planned for the BGR Community Center (BCC).

Ron Dickey
Secretary, BGR POA

Upcoming Meetings

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Meeting Summary 10/15/19
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Oct 2020
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