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Clear Lake City Boulevard Association


What is CLCBA?

The Clear Lake City Boulevard Association (CLCBA) was created in 1991 by Friendswood Development Company to provide for long term maintenance of Clear Lake City Boulevard from I-45 to the end of the boulevard at Middle brook Drive. A separate organization was desired because the boulevard is bordered by several community associations and commercial areas. By having one entity provide the maintenance, the costs would be shared and maintenance would be uniform.

Who belongs to CLCBA?

CLCBA is comprised of all of the property owners in Bay Pointe, North fork and Pine Brook. The commercial property owners on the north side of Clear Lake City Boulevard just east of Hwy 3 are part of the Bay Pointe community and also contribute to CLCBA. In all, there are 2,678 residential and 12 commercial members in CLCBA.

All of the property on the south side of Clear Lake City Boulevard from Hwy 3 to El Dorado is not part of CLCBA. This includes the Pineloch and Bay Oaks communities and some commercial areas. Those areas were in place before Friendswood created the CLCBA so were not obligated to be a part of it.

In addition, in 2003, Exxon Land Development withdrew all of the undeveloped land between I-45 and Hwy 3 from the CLCBA and placed it in a separate commercial property owners association that now maintains that land.
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Do the South side owners participate?

Both the Pineloch and Bay Oaks communities maintain the land on the south side of the road adjacent to their communities. In addition, they have historically paid for their share of water and electricity used on the land they maintain.

The commercial areas have their own grounds maintenance contracts and private irrigation systems for the land adjacent to their properties.

What is the Assessment?
What is the Assessment?

The 2021 Assessment has been set at $97 per residential lot per year and $97 per 10,000 square feet of land for commercial properties.

The majority of the assessment (just over 90%) is used for on-site grounds maintenance services (mowing, edging, pruning, fertilization, seasonal color, etc.) and irrigation. The remainder goes towards management services, office expenses, legal fees and insurance.

Why do we need CLCBA since we have our own HOA?

The simple answer is that Friendswood Development set up CLCBA and each owner is bound to the organization in the deed to their land. If CLCBA had not been created then each of the adjacent homeowners associations would bear the cost of maintaining the boulevard adjacent to them. Any homeowner savings from not paying a CLCBA fee would be taken away by comparably higher fees from their homeowners’ association.

By having an overall association to take care of the boulevard, the maintenance is uniform and there aren’t disputes over who should take care of pockets of land and because the CLCBA grounds maintenance contract is so large, CLCBA can achieve a lower overall cost than would occur if it were split into five different homeowners association contracts.

Who runs CLCBA?

There are three members of the CLCBA Board of Directors. Each is a volunteer appointed by the Boards of the Bay Pointe, North fork and Pine Brook Community Associations. The Board meets as often as needed to carry out the business decisions of the CLCBA.

The daily operations of the CLCBA are carried out by a management company hired by the Board of Directors. C.I.A. Services is the management company for the CLCBA. Among other things, the management company is responsible for handling all financial matters (billing & collections, accounts payable and budgeting) and for overseeing the work of the grounds maintenance contractors.

Can owners attend meetings?

All meetings are open to property owners within the CLCBA. Please call C.I.A. Services, Inc. at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting to be placed on the agenda.

There is also an annual meeting for all members of the CLCBA each November. An announcement is mailed to all owners a few weeks in advance.

Services and Utilities


Center Point Energy maintains streetlights throughout our communities. If a light is out or blinking, please call Center Point at 713-207-2222 or report it online. You will be asked to provide:
  • a pole number for the non-functioning lights you want to report 
  • contact information (in case more information is needed to locate a streetlight)
  • an e-mail address (if you want feedback regarding your repair request)
  • the number of streetlights you would like to report


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Services offered by the Constables Office in the Clear Lake area
2 dispatchers are on call 24/7 to received calls from citizens
Please call to report ANYTHING except if a home has already been burglarized
Dispatch Phone Number 281-488-4040

Main Website for Precinct 8: (Serving Southeast Harris County)

Email Address:

Vacation Watch Form

Criminal/Suspicious Activity Notification Form

Extra Patrol Request Form


Clear Creek ISD

Clear Creek ISD

Children within Clear Lake City Blvd attend Clear Creek Independent School District.

Northpointe Elementary
3200 Almond Creek Drive
Houston, TX 77059

Clear Lake Intermediate 
15545 El Camino Real
Houston, TX 77062

Clear Brook High School
4607 FM 2351
Friendswood, TX 77546

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